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Garrison Road Church 1351 Garrison Road, Fort Erie, ON, L2A 1P4, 905-871-4888
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Garrison Road Church is part of the United Brethren In Christ denomination.  Information on the UB Church and other associated ministries can be found at UBChurch.  A brief look at the history of the congregation and the Garrison Road building is listed below:

1857 - The first Garrison Road Church was organized and land was donated by John  Hershey.  The people in the congregation were called the Hershey’s.

1882 - The name of Hershey’s was discontinued and the class was renamed the Garrison Road United Brethren in Christ Church.

1928 - A new church building was completed replacing the former one that was built between 1860 and 1861.

1953 - An additional unit was constructed to accommodate extra Christian Education facilities following growth of the congregation.  The building and furnishings were dedicated in 1954 during the ministry of Rev. L. Tiffin.

1957 - The church took on the full responsibility of its own pastor for the first time.  The Rev. B. Weber became the first pastor.  The upper floor of the Christian Education building was remodelled and completed to provide apartment space for the pastor.

1963 - Construction of the new parsonage behind the church provided better accommodations and made extra space available for increasing Christian Education needs.

1979 - Further congregational growth prompted the expansion of a new sanctuary which accommodated 320 people, replacing the former one which seated only 125.  The Rev. Martin Magnus was the pastor at the time.

The last several pastors to serve at Garrison Road Church included: Martin Magnus, Brian Magnus, Larry Beverly, Randy Magnus, Walter Winger, Russ O’Neil, Mike Martinelli, Gord Gooderham, and Bob Kentie.