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Garrison Road Church 1351 Garrison Road, Fort Erie, ON, L2A 1P4, 905-871-4888
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Kids at Garrison Road Church

Children, ages 4-12 years old, attend the adult church service but are dismissed to a children’s class after singing, announcements and the offering.  Junior church consists of prayer time, a lesson, snack time and generally a craft.  Children in this class have learned/are learning lessons from the old and new testaments, including the days of creation, the ten commandments, the ten plaques of Egypt, the 12 disciples, the Lord’s prayer, 8 beatitudes, Bible verses, and making good choices.

Parents of young children can feel free to join in the Coffee Time as well as adult Sunday School.  Our Children’s Program Coordinator is available to watch over your children using “The Story by Max Lucado” as a study topic.