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Everyone wants to know they matter.

We want to know we are appreciated, making a difference and most of all, loved. There is a way to abundant life.

Helping people walk in the steps of Jesus.

Something is wrong. We are living longer, healthier, with more comfort than any previous generation but anxiety and mental health issues are dramatically increasing. Our celebrities, cell phones and possessions have shown themselves to be poor guides.

Jesus promises us lives of significance and fullness, not just for eternity, but every day.  Joins us as we explore living the ultimate life.

Join us online Sunday mornings 10 am
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1351 Garrison Rd
Fort Erie, ON L2A 1P4
(905) 871-4888

What to expect.

Come as you are

Sunday mornings are casual . There is no need to get all dressed up. We want to you be comfortable.

Bring your kids

Everyone starts the morning together. Children 10 and under are dismissed part way through the meeting to enjoy a program designed just for them.

About an hour

The meeting starts at 10 am and goes until around 11 am. Afterwards stick around for free coffee and snacks.